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PPE Partners joining forces with Gerber



Gerber Technology is proud of the ecosystem of partners we have. Many companies, including competitors to each other, have stepped up to help us make things as easy as possible for those that are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The list below includes a number of the key parties that have joined forces with Gerber to fight COVID-19 and the #ppeshortage.  If you want to join the fight and have resources or expertise to bring, please contact us here:


Technology Ecosystem (Materials, Sewing, through finished PPE)

About 3DLOOK

To support the demand from smaller Made to Measure companies whose business has relied on the traditional way of measuring customers in person, 3DLOOK has developed a special package enabling a simple way to digitize measurement capture and automate the workflow process with very quick and easy integration. The goal is to give small businesses the digital tools to operate online.

About Coats

Coats offers a range of high tenacity industrial sewing threads ideal for face masks. These are the perfect balance of fineness and strength, delivering optimum performance on sewing machines and in the final sewn product. Alternative thread types may be used depending on the required final quality. The thread size will determine the choice of needle size. Coats Epic Protect should be used in conjunction with anti-microbial fabrics.

About DAP America

DAP America’s know-how in sewing and welding technology and input from the market, we can recommend a manufacturing method that you can use to produce QUICK and EASY protective masks without a large investment in an automatic production system.

About DuPont Tyvek®

DuPont offers a range of PPE solutions including garments made of Tyvek®, Tychem®, ProShield® and Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers. 

To meet the growing need for critical protection and supplies in the fight against COVID-19, DuPont has increased the capacity of Tyvek® protective fabric and is working with partners to get it to the front lines quickly.  DuPont is also providing manufacturers with complimentary garment patterns and virtual support.  Gerber Technology is working with DuPont on the #TyvekTogether program to help meet the needs for protective gowns and coveralls.


About American & Efird

A&E – an Elevate Textiles Company – As one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of sewing thread, embroidery thread, and technical textiles, A&E’s global presence extends from Asia to Europe to the Americas.

About Gutermann

Gutermann – an Elevate Textiles Company – operates under the corporate brand “A&E Gutermann”. We see it as an obligation to provide quality, service, sustainability and to lead innovation.  We are active worldwide as a premium supplier with the motto “think global, act local” for customers all around the world.  A&E Gutermann has always given priority to consistent and responsible behaviour, fairness, cooperative partnership, and diversity.  As a reliable partner, we inspire our customers with passion and outstanding expertise.

About Burlington

Burlington – an Elevate Textiles Company – With close to a century of industry leadership, Burlington is driven to develop sustainable, next-generation textile technology and fabrics for a wide range of markets. Our fabric offerings include performance synthetics, cottons, and cotton blends, worsted wool, and wool blends.


About Henderson Sewing

Henderson Sewing is a global supplier of industrial sewing machines, sewing machine parts and custom automated sewing machines for the SEWING PRODUCTS INDUSTRY. 

About Kornit

The decorated textiles industry is experiencing sudden, rapidly growing demand for safe, protective masks for healthcare personnel, community groups, and other consumers who need them at this time. Kornit is supporting its customers by publishing a “cookbook” for transforming their existing production operations to deliver these masks, quickly and easily. As our pigment-based inks are certified safe for even our youngest family members, print businesses can empower consumers of all ages with customized, eco-friendly masks that look terrific, enabling them to express themselves while protecting themselves. Kornit remains committed to developing systems that provide the agility and versatility needed to remain profitable in any environment, and stands ready and able to support users as their needs evolve. Follow Kornit’s Facebook page to see how users are transforming their operations to answer the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Material Concepts

Material Concepts is one of North America’s premier converters and the exclusive supplier of Gerber Branded roll goods consumables for sewn products manufacturers, and a leading authorized supplier of DuPont™ Tyvek® used in a variety of applications, including PPE. Material Concepts has adapted its business model and become a critical supplier to companies engaged in the fight against COVID-19 by facilitating the delivery of millions of yards of Tyvek to manufacture PPE for front-line healthcare workers. Established in 1999, the company was founded in and is based in Philadelphia, PA. 


About Rome Fastener Corporation

For over 80 years and through 3 generations Rome Fastener Corporation has produced snap fasteners, rivets, eyelets, rings, buckles, magnetic closures and other fastener products. Today Rome is the only American manufacturer of the full range of snap fasteners.  

Rome manufactures to ISO 9001-2015, and Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1 protocols with tight dimension tolerances. Quality and service are the top priorities both during and after production. During this terrible COVID-19 crisis Rome has switched to produce components for PPE, such as aluminum nose stays, rivets to hold shields together and snap fasteners for gowns.

Singletree partners with Gerber Technology

About Singletree

Gerber Technology partners with Singletree Technologies to supply their Power Grid software to manage a variety of business functions. Power Grid is integrated with YuniquePLM and together, they provide for an end-to-end process from design to in-warehouse. Power Grid will be used to help manage the PPE garment production in collaboration with the factories, and potentially assist with other areas of the supply chain.  

About Suuchi

Suuchi offers a proprietary next-gen supply chain management software, drives cost-effectiveness, & transparency for the apparel manufacturing production process.


About YKK

During this challenging time, as companies are called upon to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, YKK is pleased to assist our valued partners in the medical and personal protective equipment (PPE) industries. We can manufacture key fastening components for medical masks and face shields, hospital gowns, medical beds and bedding, medical devices, hospital bed covers, tent shelters, isolation chambers, Level B Hazmat suits, and many other types of equipment & supplies. Our fastening products, including zippers, hook & loop, injection-molded plastic parts such as cord locks, webbing, and snap & buttons, can be found in numerous medical products and equipment used in healthcare facilities around the world. With manufacturing in over 70 countries, including USA production, we are available to support the increasing needs of the medical and healthcare community.

About Zilingo

Zilingo is a technology platform improving the fashion supply chain by making it fair, connected and transparent- Zilingo has access to raw materials all the way to finished PPE goods around the world. In order to serve you best, please fill in your requirements in our ‘PPE Supply Inquiry’ form PPE SUPPLY INQUIRY, or contact us at for more information.


Industry Partners

Thank you for sharing your PPE technical information!


About Arizona Fashion Source, LLC

Arizona Fashion Source, LLC (at FABRIC in Tempe, AZ) is a full-service fashion design, apparel development and manufacturing company.


About Colorkarma

Colorkarma focuses on designing for execution. Using practical examples and an unbiased approach, we help creatives of all kinds, transition, and adopt new technologies and processes. We provide free content from industry leaders, best practices, news, and industry terminology, and more. Colorkarma pairs, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers based on their requirements, streamlining decision processes.


About OPM

OnPoint Manufacturing specializes in Purchase Activated Mass Customization of apparel. OnPoint has developed technically advanced manufacturing and distribution solutions for the apparel industry. Our factory model automates and integrates almost every aspect of the manufacturing process from order entry all the way to delivery directly to the customer. 


Industry Coalitions

About AAFA

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) is the national trade association representing apparel, footwear and other sewn products companies, and their suppliers, which compete in the global market. Representing more than 1,000 world-famous name brands, AAFA is the trusted public policy and political voice of the apparel and footwear industry, its management and shareholders, its nearly four million U.S. workers, and its contribution of more than $400 billion in annual U.S. retail sales. AAFA provides exclusive expertise in trade, brand protection, and supply chain & manufacturing to help our members navigate the complex regulatory environment and lower costs. Members gain unparalleled access to information and exclusive insights on regulation and policy, and premier opportunities for networking and collaboration. During the COVID-19 emergency, AAFA has been active providing continuous updates to its members, advocating for relief, and helping them supply urgently needed items of personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the country. Learn more about AAFA’s COVID-19 response here. 


About APPN

The AAPN, Americas Apparel Producers’ Network is an international trade association connecting the entire textile/apparel supply chain of the Western Hemisphere. More recently, AAPN has taken a leadership role in providing a Sourcing Center for manufacturers to connect on supply and demand related to the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE).


About Fashion for the Frontlines

Fashion for the Frontlines - Fashion For The Front Lines is a task force sourcing PPE for healthcare workers during Covid-19.


About IFAI

IFAI works with its members to provide sourcing solutions and referrals throughout the sales and production cycle. They deliver timely industry content to help you stay informed about your marketplace. 


About NCTO

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) is a unique association representing the entire spectrum of the textile sector. From fibers to finished products, from machinery manufacturers to power suppliers, NCTO is the voice of the U.S. textile industry.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. textile industry is here to help. Visit NCTO COVID-19 Response for the latest information from the federal government on issues impacting our industry, along with a directory of manufacturers available to meet the needs of textile-related healthcare supplies and PPE.


PCIAW is the first worldwide organisation developed to serve the professional clothing industry. The UK-based association helps members such as Snickers Workwear, Hunter, and Incorporatewear to discover new business opportunities, increase their reach, and strengthen their position in the rapidly-growing professional clothing industry.

About Stop the Spread

Stop the Spread is a coalition of 1500+ volunteer CEOs and business leaders working in Washington, D.C. and around the U.S. to catalyze actions and support the government in response to COVID-19.



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