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We are empowering people to create the things that clothe our world: clothing, fashion and accessories for people, interiors for cars, trains and planes, upholstery for furniture, and more....

The world is changing rapidly and digitalization is driving a need for speed, leading to a major shift toward personalization and on-demand capabilities. Only the fiercest innovators will survive. For the past 50 years, Gerber has been a leader of transformational technology and unparalleled customer focus and support – helping innovators and creators optimize processes to move quickly and win.

Today we are pushing the limits, once again reinventing ourselves, providing the agile, cloud-based digital platforms that empower the next generation of innovators. GO CREATE!

"Transformation isn't about improving, it's about re-thinking."

- Malcolm Gladwell

Key Areas of Transformation

Fulfilling the 3D Promise

3D technology is key to realizing the consumer promise that onscreen "virtual fit" truly reflects the "actual fit" they will experience. Gerber is committed to providing more than a visualization tool. We are remaining true to our core by helping you create — from validating preliminary designs to virtual sample iterations through production-ready virtual simulations that portray the "actual fit" needed to increase consumer confidence so they buy what they see and keep what they buy.

An Open Mindset for Connectivity and Collaboration

Our approach to technology is open. We see value in creating connection not only between our solutions but an open approach toward other systems used by innovators in their creation and business management.

Cloud Transformation

Gerber is leading the charge in moving to the cloud, offering a platform suite of solutions that address our customers entire value chain. Subscription offerings are making it easier for everyone to afford our industry-leading products like YuniquePLM and AccuMark. Our cloud products empower everyone to have greater visibility and security around the data needed to design, develop, produce and market industry leading products. 


Focusing on the Customer Experience

Gerber has a rich history and deep commitment to exceeding customers' expectations by delivering the solutions they need and innovations that help them create. We gather input from our customers in many ways – from the Gerber Technology Community, our annual ideation conference, service and support teams through feedback methods that are built into our applications. Holding true to our heritage, we have adopted cutting-edge solutions which support the continuous deployment of innovation driven directly by customer input.

A Social Conscience Toward Change

We see technology as an enabler of change, automating and advancing the world to make creation easier, reducing the duplication of efforts, increasing speed, efficiency and creativity, and minimizing the environmental impact of physical processes.

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