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How to Make a Successful Transition to PPE Virtual Event

With COVID-19 causing a global shortage of personal protective equipment, companies of all industries are being asked to transition their manufacturing lines to produce PPE. Properly transitioning your supply chain requires advanced expertise from PPE experts and the right technology. Through the PPE Task Force, Gerber Technology has helped over 1,300 companies around the world successfully transition to PPE production. Watch our PPE virtual events in English, German, Italian and Portuguese to learn how you can quickly and effectively transition your manufacturing lines.

Retool Your Supply Chain for PPE Production in Just ONE Week!

Como dar inicio à Produção de EPI em menos de 1 semana

Wie Sie Ihre PSA Produktion in nur 1 Woche starten können

Come iniziare la produzione di DPI in UNA settimana!

Microfactory, Fashion On-Demand Production Event

Do you want more insight into your supply chain? Are you looking to accelerate time to market or reduce costs while becoming more sustainable? Whatever your goal may be, Gerber Technology’s end-to-end suite of software solutions connects your entire supply chain from design through production. Join us for a truly unique virtual event series that will show you just how quickly you can transform your entire process. 

Want to experience our end-to-end microfactory? Book a virtual tour at our Gerber Innovation Center in New York.

Recovery in the Fashion Industry and the New Normal

AccuMark February 2020 Virtual Event

AccuMark Made-to-Measure: Customization made simple.

AccuMark 3D: the perfect fit for your workflow.

AccuMark 2D: Fast & efficient on-demand production.

YuniquePLM: Connecting the entire supply chain.

Microfactory: From idea to reality in no time.

The Gerber Innovation Center


Sei interessato ad approfondire la tua conoscenza sulle soluzioni end-to-end di Gerber Technology? Abbiamo creato una serie di eventi interamente virtuali progettati per offrire più capacità ai nostri clienti. Ti offriamo un tour virtuale sulla nostra soluzione completa che combina software come AccuMark 3D, il sistema YuniquePLM e le più moderne tecnologie di stampa e taglio digitale essenziali per l’industria 4.0.

Le Soluzioni End-to-End di Gerber: La Microfactory

Le Soluzioni End-to-End di Gerber: I Nuovi sistemi di gestione della Produzione

Le Soluzioni PLM di Gerber

Ottimizzazione della Produzione con Gerber

La Progettazione Virtuale di Gerber


想快速让您的灵感变成现实吗? 观看我们按需3D虚拟试穿直播回放,了解我们的无缝2D到3D整合技术如何为您实现:多颜色设计、确认花型放置、无需通过实际样衣来确认合体度。


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Whether you want to see how you can work remotely with our software solutions, learn how to effectively produce PPE, or hear about our variety of Remote Support solutions, our Facebook page is the place to be! We’re hosting a series of Facebook Live sessions to keep you up to date on everything happening at Gerber. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page to watch LIVE or check back here often to watch the recordings. 


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