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Affordable and easy to implement!

Gerber software bundles allow you to design garments, develop tech packs, prepare samples, nest efficient markers and plan material usage for accurate production. Each bundle includes solutions that are integrated seamlessly to ensure data quality and speed to market.




TechDesign Premium

AccuMark® 2D Pattern Design Software check done done
AccuMark 3D done done
YuniquePLM®* done done

*Available with a Premium subscription.

  • TechDesign Bundle

    Seamlessly-integrated software to design in 2D and 3D, plan using PLM, and produce the perfect garment while saving you time and money.

    What's included:
    AccuMark 2D + AccuMark 3D + YuniquePLM*

    From $599 / month**

  • AccuMark 2D

    Pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software to increase throughput and reduce the need for physical samples.

    What's included:
    AccuMark 2D

    From $389 / month**

  • YuniquePLM

    Cloud-based product lifecycle management solution that enables teams to manage and connect with their entire supply chain.

    What's included:

    From $150 / month**

  • Manufacturing Bundle

    The Manufacturing Bundle offers all the tools a manufacturer will need to increase their speed and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

    What's included:
    AccuMark 2D + AccuNest or AccuPlan*

    Coming Soon

  • Master Collection

    The Master Collection is for those who want the best of both worlds. This collection offers all the tools you need to quickly go from design to production.

    Coming Soon

*Available with a Premium subscription.
**Introductory pricing based on a minimum term of one year. Some restrictions may apply.
Please contact your local representative or partner for more information.

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