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Better fit leads to better customer satisfaction

Virtual try-on based on 2D patterns to accurately portray fit.

AccuMark 3D Simulation

Seeing is believing.

AccuMark, the industry's most trusted pattern design software, produces 2D patterns to drive its powerful 3D fabric simulation engine – producing virtual simulations you can trust.  You can have the confidence that what you see is not just a pretty picture, it's a garment that can actually be produced.

Virtual try-on — a perfect fit.

Pick your garment, choose your body style, then try-on different sizes until you find the right fit. AccuMark's 2D pattern design and 3D simulation software fuels Avametric's web-based virtual try-on application. See how we can help you improve consumer confidence, online conversions and at the same time reduce returns.

AccuMark 3D

3D fit in another dimension.

Engage your consumers with a more interactive online shopping experience. AccuMark brings a whole new dimension in e-commerce through a partnership with Avametric. Your consumer can experience virtual try-on through augmented reality (AR). AR empowers a more collaborative design process and allows your consumer to experience fashion in their personal environment.

AccuMark 3D

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